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New Construction

New Construction Home New Construction Home
Although it may seem like an overwhelming process, designing and building a house is fun—and rewarding. You really can get your dream home the way you've always wanted it to be.

Some clients come with clippings of floor plans or pictures of houses they like. Others come with rough sketches, while others come with only vague ideas. That's OK. No matter what your starting point is  I try to analyze the client's lifestyle and understand the "wish list" that everyone has—and then try to make that list a reality.
New Construction Home New Construction Home
Many lots offer a special challenge because they may be small or have numerous restrictions due to water proximity or historical restraints. The above house had to have a variance before it could be built on a small narrow water lot.

As you can see I enjoy working in a variety of styles. Whether you like the updated shingle style as shown on the home page, contemporary, colonial or cottage style, I can incorporate the architectural elements that make the house have the exterior facade you want.
New Construction Home New Construction Home

Preliminary design is done in a small scale (1/8-inch = 1 foot). The basic plans are derived  through a series of conferences, phone calls, e-  mails, and faxes. I can draw any interior or  exterior part of your new home in three-  dimensional perspective to help you  understand  what it will really look like.

New Construction Home
Once this phase is finalized, larger scale "working drawings" (1/4-inch = 1 foot) are produced. The working drawings are what is necessary for builders and approval from local government departments (Health, Planning and Zoning, Building, etc.). No matter what your starting point is, I try to help you through this process, and recommend builders or work with one you have already chosen. The construction process can be monitored as the client deems necessary.
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